Addenda - While compiling The Cape Breton Highland Collection I reviewed some pipe tunes which have already be given in earlier volumes of The Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series.

Although not verbatum, the setting above reflects the four turns given in most pipe books. Note however that in the pipe music the 2nd last note of the 7th bar in each part is an f# instead of the given 4th finger e note. I've yet to hear a fiddler play it that way.

The more widespread, two-turn Cape Breton fiddle setting is given in Brenda Stubbert, The 2nd Collection.

i. Cowal Colection Vol. 2, .c. 1920. ii. Scots Guards Vol. 1, 1954. iii. Home tapes Cameron Chisholm. iv.Brenda Stubbert, In Jig Time, CD, 1994. v. Brenda Stubbert, The 2nd Collection, 2006.

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