I posted this tune, a scan from Anderson's 2nd Collection (1793), to show how tunes likely collected from the aural tradition often change the original title and/or neglect to mention the composer. In this case the tune is actually The Lorn Strathspey which is generally attributed to Niel Gow. Anderson had some nice additons (but to my ear missed one crucial phrase). Although it was published in Niel Gow's 1st Collection in 1784 that edition did not contain a composer credit. The Lorn was republished in The Beauties of Niel Gow with composer credit given to Niel Gow.

The tune was popular in mid-20th Century Cape Breton. Apparently there was one old fellow who was nicknamed "The Critic" who used to say " You're not a fiddler if you can't play The Lorn "

i. Niel Gow Vol. 1, 1784, as The Marquis of Lorn's Strathspey ii. The Skye Collection as The Lorn Strathspey


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