Published anoymously in Scots Guards (1954). the same tune appeared with different title and composer credits in John Mackenzie's Collection (1975). However by that time the Scots Guard title had caught on in both the piping and fiddling worlds. In Cape Breton fiddlers such as Angus Chisholm, Johnny Wilmot and Theresa Maclellan all played it. The MP3 given is Ashley MacIsaac. The notation gives a 'straight setting' - without gracings or dotted rhythms.

DR MacLennan was a half-brother to the famous piper-composer GS MacLennan (Mrs MacPherson of Inveran, Lochaber Gathering, The Jig of Slurs and many, many more) DR was a former Gold medalist piobaireachd player, reed maker and composer. He died in the '80s when well advanced in years. His compositions have appeared in several collections of pipe music including the Edcath. This family of MacLennans were descended from the 16th century town pipers of Inverness. One Maclennan piper was at Culloden and his grandson piped at Waterloo.

See Cape Breton Highland Collection

Ashley MacIsaac, Fine Thank You Very Much
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