Firmly established in the modern Irish tradition, this popular jig appeared in O'Neill's Collection (1903) as The Lark in the Morning. That title didn't caught on likely because of it's association with another equally popular jig. Michael Coleman recorded this Eminor tune, as above in 1923 in a two jig medley he collectively called Daugherty's (sic). Since the Irish revival of the 1970s the commonly used title has been Trip to Sligo. Study of Anderson's original clearly shows it to be his composition and therefore, even though I personally play this 'contemporary' Irish setting, to maintain its connection to its composer, I have adopted the original title.

i. John Anderson, c. 1790. ii.O'Neill's Music of Ireland, 1903, as The Lark in the Morning. iii.O'Neill's Music of Ireland, 1976 (Milles Krassen), as Trip to Sligo. iv. Gordon Cote, cassette, mid-1990s. v. Howie MacDonald, Live and Lively, CD late 1990s.

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