Kenneth and Angus MacKenzie -
Pìob is Fidheall


Apparently settings similar to the one above come indirectly from a Lunasa recording where it was called Siobhan O'Donnell's. In Cape Breton it has been recorded on CDs with that title by both Dawn and Margie Beaton, and by Angus and Kenneth MacKenzie (on Pìob is Fidheall)

The actual composer and title come from Irish musician John Brady*. He was born in 1934 on the family farm near Tullamore. The tune was named to memorialize a battle fought in his local area. "The word 'scheachog' (pronounced shca-hogue) is an Irish word that means bush. In olden times whenever there was a battle fought, the dead were buried on or very near the site of the battle. Bushes were then sown over this'graveyard' to protect/guard the dead".

* This information comes from The Portland Collection Vol. 2, 2004.

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