Pat and Al's Jig
by Liz Carroll
as played by Jerry Holland

This 'correction' illustrates how having a retentive memory can sometimes be embarassing.

Sometime in 1999 Jerry Holland heard Irish-American fiddler, Liz Carroll play her tune at a festival they were both playing at. A few days later, most of the melody came back to Jerry and he misinterpreted this memory as inspiration. With minor adjustments, he deluded himself (and me) into thinking he had composed the tune. The setting above comes from Jerry's book, The 2nd Collection where it was incorrectly titled Ross Kennedy.

To see how close Jerry's memory was, go to the Liz Carroll website. On her site she has posted a scan of the tune, handwritten from her original. She has since recorded it on her Green Linnet CD titled Lost in the Loop.

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