The setting above is a rough transcription from Mary MacNamara. She played it in F, because she used a C/F Anglo concertina.

From Don Meade, NYC:

"On his last CD "The Road from Ballinakill," Mike Rafferty plays a flute version with F-sharps that he calls The Daisy Field. As he's from the same neck of the east Galway woods as Kelly, that may well be the real name... .

More information comes from Allan Jardine's thesis:

Paddy Kelly was born in 1906 in Aughrim, Co, Galway and lived all his life in that area. He was a member of Aughrim Slopes Ceili Band from 1930's through 1960's. Has 12 compositions, all reels, exhibits E. Galway style. Joe Mills, previous ASC Band member, thinks group recorded some of Paddy's tunes. Several are widely known. In this thesis, Paddy Kelly's #1 and St. Ruth's Bush are notated.

The above tunes is sometimes known as Paddy Kelly's Reel #2. It was omposed about 1936 and is the most widely played of all his tunes. Joe Burke made it really popular with accordion players after recording it on "Galway's Own Joe Burke". It has also been recorded by Paddy Carty (flute), Finbarr Dwyer, Sean Ryan and P.J. Maloney (as Fahey's Favorite).

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