The setting above indirectly comes from a handwritten manuscript published in a late '70s thesis by Allan Jardine....
"Eddy was born in Meelick, Eyrecourt, near Ballinisloe, Co. Galway, in 1933. Lived in that area till 1958, moved to Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. Has 20 compositions. Plays both button and fiddle. His compositions often exhibit a strong East Galway influence. Respected traditional musician, tunes circulated through sessions, radio performances, and concerts. "

Meelick Team Jig commemorates a hurling team from his native parish which qualified for and played in the first All-Ireland Hurling Finals held in 1884." Other titles include:

-Eddie Kelly's Jig (P.J.Hernon), and also on a Liz Carroll recording (A Friend Indeed)

Martin Talty's Jig (Clare Concertinas Bernard O'Sullivan and Tommy McMahon)

On Mary MacNamara's recent CD it was played in D minor, using a C/F Anglo concertina. In Bulmer and Sharpley (1975) it was set in E minor and given the title McGreevy's

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