This a popular traditional Cape Breton reel associated with Angus Chisholm. It has its roots in a much older Irish air.

Over the centuries some tunes morph more dramatically than others. It appears that the inspiration for this tune comes from a 1721 composition attributed to the blind Irish Harper Turlogh O'Carolan. Written in a minor mode, it was published n 1730 as The New Princess Royal in Daniel Wright's Collection. Later appeared in Buntings, Gows, ONeill's etc. O'Carolan's title was Miss MacDermot.

Comparing the above Cape Breton reel to the others there is similarity - if one ignores the minor key signature and tempo given in Gow's 2nd repository one can see many phrases in common - nevertheless the significant differences made a new local title essential.

Complete historical notes as well as Buddy MacMaster's setting (another G major Cape Breton reel version) are given in The DungGreen Collection.

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