In My Hands ... Natalie MacMaster

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Track 11
The Farewell


The Farewell (March)   (William Marshall)
Charlie Hardie
(Reel)  (J. Scott Skinner)
Frank Gilruth
(Reel)  (Peter Milne)
MacArthur Road
(Reel)  (Dave Richardson, MCPS)

On this medley in E major Natalie is joined by Irish button accordionist Sharon Shannon.

  • The Farewell is a classic march from th 18th century.
  • Charlie Hardie is a tricky reel that requires some position work. Both it and Frank Gilruth's Reel are in Winston Fitzgerald's Collection.
  • MacArthur Road was first recorded by the composer (Dave Richardson) on a Boys of the Loch CD. It was also recorded recently in a pipe setting by another popular Cape Breton fiddler , Kinnon Beaton.


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