Tom Anderson Collection Vol. 1

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A Peerie Waltz for Eunice

Ady Boyd's Reel

Alison's Peerie Tune

Angela's Reel

Auld New'rday

Broch o' Hammavoe

Busta House

Carmill Head

Da Peerie Moose

Da Rod to Moreview

Danny's Reel

Dor Holm

Drew Tulloch

Du's Welcome Tae

Dunter's Ida Voe


Fine Hairst Mornin'

Fiona McArthur

Fiona's Waltz

Gail's Waltz

Grandfather's Fiddle

Hamar Head

Jamie Stewart

Jeanna's Tune

Kirkigarth Croft

Ladlewell Hornpipe

Lament for Lowrie Ida Lea

Laurence Fraser

Linda's Reel

Mangaster Voe

Michelle's Air

Miss Barbara Mainland's Medley

Miss Caroline Williamson

Miss Heidi Eriksen

Miss Jenny Napier

Miss Polly Wiseman

Miss Susan Stout

Mr Bobby Peterson of Califf

Mrs Babs Anderson

Nicola's Reel

Ower Da Clave

Red Ayre

Ruth Slater

Swarrbanks Minn

Tanwick Haa

The Bjeorgs

The Collar Dove

The Erratic Washing Machine

The Heylor Blade

The Hill of Tannoch

The P & O Hornpipe

The Rocks of Targil

The Secretary (Mr Charles Arthur)

The Shetland Lasses Greetings to Aberystwyth

The Tingon Road

The Troublesome Tivlick

Tonga Sound

Ulla's Tune


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