Handy with the Stick

 by Brendan Taaffe edited Mary Larsen

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Tommy Peoples: Casting a Long Shadow

"Gráinne's" (jig)

"Black Pat's" (reel)

Siobhan Peoples: Mad for Playing

"Nicos' Mermaid" (waltz)

"The Friendly Visit" (hornpipe)

"The Dairy Maid" (reel)

Paddy Glackin: For the Fun of It

"Gusty's Frolics" (slip jig)

"Jenny's Welcome to Charlie" (reel)

Séan Ryan: The Quiet Corner

"Sliabh Bloom" (reel)

"The Hawthorn Hedge" (jig)

"The Cuckoo's Nest" (hornpipe)

Brendan McGlinchey: The Long Road Home

"Splendid Isolation" (reel)

"The Map on the Wall" (reel)

John Carty: Out of the Smoke

"Seanamhac Tube Station" (jig)

"The Sligo Maid" (reel)

"John McHugh's" (jig)

Junior Crehan: The Soul of Clare

"The Drunken Gauger" (set dance)

"The Pigeon on the Gate" (reel)

"Toss the Feathers" (reel)

Patrick Kelly: Aeroplanes out of Scrapheaps

"Banish Misfortune" (jig)

"Drowsy Maggie" (reel)

"Mickey Callaghan's" (slide)

"O'Connell's Farewell to Dublin" (set dance)

"The Foxhunter's" (reel)

Caoimhin O Raghallaigh: Music at a Local Level

"The Millstream" (reel)

"Biddy from Sligo" (jig)

Matt Cranitch: Knee Deep in the Rushy Mountain

"Blackwater Polka" (polka)

"Kathleen's Polka" (polka)

"MÃ_cheál's Polka" (polka)

Sarah Blair: In the Stream, Like a Breath

"The Hope Jig" (jig)

"Minnie Young's" (reel)


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