Canadian Fiddle Music
by Ed Whitcomb
Canadian Fiddle Music Volume 2
(spiral edition)

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Big Jordan's Hoedown, p. 130

Buchanan's Breakdown, p. 131

Eastern Fiddlers Breakdown, p.131

Economy Mountain Breakdown, p. 129

Glamor Lake Breakdown, p. 133

Gord Stack's Breakdown, p. 133

J.D. Breakdown, p. 133

Rick Gerrior's Breakdown, p. 130

Stones in your Clickers, p. 132

The Meech Lake Breakdown, p. 129

The White Rapids Breakdown, p. 131

Uncle Stan's Breakdown, p. 132


Art Jamieson's Clog, p. 41

Buster Brown's Waltz Clog, p. 44

Don Isenor's Clog, p. 42

Freda's Clog, p. 43

Harrington Fiddlers March, p. 45

Heart Throb Waltz Clog, p. 42

Heederum Hoederum, p. 46

Judith's Delight Strathspey, p. 46

Kendra MacGillivray Strathspey, p. 47

Mice in the Millet, p. 44

Penlake March, p. 46

Pioneers of Glengarry, p. 45

Thanks To You Waltz Clog, p. 43

Todd's Strathspey, p. 47


A Keeper of Delight, p. 30

Alice MacFarlane's Jig, p. 20

Bessie's Reel, p. 28

Betty Lou's Jig, p. 21

Cabot Street, p. 29

Cape North Special Jig, p. 20

Christmas Isle Waltz, The, p. 26

Clark Road March, p. 25

Cursillo Jig, The p. 21

David Greenberg's Inspiration, p. 21

Dominion Day March, p. 27

Father J.V. Campbell's Clog, p. 24

French Acadian Reel, The, p. 31

Gelase Larade's Reel, p. 31

Hughie MacIssac's Waltz, p. 26

Incomparable Doug MacPhee, The, p. 24

Joey and Angela Beaton's March, p. 25

John Fred MacLean's Strathspey, p. 23

Kate Dunlay's Piano Lesson, p. 30

Liz and Toby's Wedding Day, p. 23

Long Stretch, The, p. 27

Mabou Jig, p. 22

MacBugle's Wedding, p. 22

Miss Jeanette Beaton Reel, p. 29

Rannie MacLellan Reel, p. 28

River Bend Jig, The, p. 19

Scotty Fitzgerald's Jig, p. 19


Belleisle Hornpipe, p, 124

Blind River Hornpipe, p. 127

Brother Chubby Hornpipe, p. 128

Guila's Hornpipe, p. 125

Kelli's Hornpipe, p. 125

Lefty's Hornpipe, p. 128

Little River Hornpipe, p. 124

McCougan's Hornpipe, p. 127

Phyllis Newman's Hornpipe, p. 126

Terrace Hornpipe, p. 126


Adrienne's Jig, p. 110

Advil Jig, The, p. 112

Amy's Request, p. 106

Anne Murray's Jig, p. 99

Arriving To St. John's, p. 96

Big Bill's Jig, p. 110

Bluenoser Jig, The, p. 99

Bowsman River Jig, p. 119

Brew of Tea, A, p. 95

Cam's Jig, p. 123

Cape Breton Dream, p. 107

Chad's Jig, p. 100

Curt's Jig, p. 102

Dennis the Fiddle Maker, p. 108

Dennis's Jig, p. 111

Don Pettigrew's Jig, p. 115

Eric and Jean's Mischievous Adventure, p. 121

Fallow Field Jig, p. 109

Farmers' Jig, The, p. 117

Fiddler's Jig, The, p. 120

Fort York Jig, p. 108

Fred Harbours's Jig, p. 114

Galant, Le, p. 103

George MacPhee's Jig, p. 97

Gigue a Ti-Paul, p. 105

Gigue de Valleyfield, La, p. 103

Gigue du Crapaud, p. 104

Gigue du Pere Zim, La, p. 101

Gigue du Petit Sarny, La, p. 104

Gigue du 15e des L.F.V., La, p. 105

Goldenrod Jig, p. 113

Gwendolyn's Jig, p. 111

Hare Slough Jig, p. 119

Holiday Jig, p. 99

Hubert's Jig, p. 107

Jig du Bois, p. 121

Jigging at the Viscount, p. 118

Joe Farquhar's Jig, p. 100

Jolene's Jig (Ranger), p. 123

Jolene's Jig (Saundry), p. 122

Kangaroo Jig, p. 116

Kickin' the Bucket, p. 119

Kimberly's Jig, p. 102

Kip and Skim, p. 98

Larry's River Jig, p. 97

Lassie's Jig, p. 116

Les Boston Jig, p. 115

Loggers' Jig, The, p. 107

Lucas' Jig, p. 106

Lunenburg County Jig, p. 101

Madame Korolenko, p. 103

Marty's Jig, p. 96

Mary Had a Little Lamb, p. 96

Mary's Fantasy, p. 121

Moon Hills Jig, The, p.118

Murphy's Jig, p. 100

Naomi's Jig, p. 113

One for Gramps, p. 114

Pat's Jig, p. 95

Patti's Jig (Curran), p. 114

Patti's Jig (MacLeod), p. 110

Petrolia Discovery Jig, p. 116

Red Feather Jig, p. 109

Road to Fort Coulange, p. 112

Ron Hewgill Jig, The, p. 117

Sandra's Favourite Jig, p. 120

Sparky's Jig, p. 109

Sylvie's Jig, p. 105

Touesnard Sisters Jig, The, p. 98

Up All Night, p. 106

Vacances en Nouvelle Ecosse, p. 102

Whitcomb's Fancy, p. 98

Wild Goose Jig, The, p. 117

Wright Jig, The, p. 120


Amber's Air, p. 59

Barbara Brown's Favorite, p. 49

Biggar Schottische, p. 52

Black Diamond Stomp, p. 48

Bread and Butter Rag, p. 53

Buffalo Schottische, The, p. 58

Canada Day Swing, The, p. 52

Ferry Dance, p. 49

Golden Notes Seven Step, The, p. 54

Granite Lake, p. 58

Henderson Road Fox Trot, p. 56

Hymn for a Fiddler, p. 59

Jessie McMillen Swing, p. 50

Keith Ross Special, p. 57

Lesterville Rag, p. 51

Marg's Humbo, p. 57

Millenium Swing, The, p. 55

Mrs. Elizabeth Netboy, p. 60

Pitmidden (rant), p. 47

Rebecca's Four Leafed Clover, p. 58

Salute to Gladys (Collins) Vanegmond, p. 53

Skiffle Fiddle, p. 54

Timberline Rag, p. 51

Waskada Centennial Fox Trot, The, p. 56

West End Stomp, The, p. 48


Buck Fever Rag, pp. 14-17

Cammy's Waltz, pp. 2-3

Fiddlers Gala, pp. 8-9

Leonard's Waltz, pp. 10-11

Lori's Waltz , pp. 6-7

Island Ferry, The, pp. 12-13

New Canadian Waltz, The, pp. 4-5

Valleyfield Reel, p. 18


Annapolis Valley Polka, p. 36

Chernesky's Polka, p. 38

Fiddlers Two Polka, p. 36

Flight of the Horsefly, p. 40

Happy Foot Polka, The, p. 39

Little Rosebud Polka, The p. 41

Mayfair Polka, p. 38

Miramichi City Polka, The, p. 37

Rolling Fiddle Polka, p. 37

Salt Herring Polka, p. 36

Sparks Street Polka, p. 39

Ted's Polka, p. 40


Avory's Waltz, p. 81

Barb and Muriel's Waltz, p. 75

Bonnie's Waltz, p. 65

Britany, p. 91

Cassie's Waltz, p. 88

Calgary Waltz, p. 90

Captured Hearts, p. 92

Childhood Memories, p. 83

Christopher's Waltz, p. 82

Deep Velvet, p. 81

Diamond Memories, p. 80.

Don Messer Memorial Waltz, p. 79

Doreen's Waltz (Hamilton), p. 80

Doreen's Waltz (Simpson), p. 85

Emily Jean Waltz, p. 68

Eric's Waltz, p. 86

Farewell to Inez, p. 78

Florence Killen's Waltz, p. 77

Flowers of Hope, p. 61

Fred and Jean Muggleton's Waltz, p. 76

Gerry's Waltz, p. 62

Helen's Waltz, p. 79

Jennifer Rose, p. 64

John Arcand Waltz, The, p. 89

Jordan Karia, p. 66

Kerri's Waltz, p. 78

Lake Dore Waltz, p. 74

Lois Waltz, p. 64

Lori's Waltz, p. 88

Madeline's Waltz, p. 66

Memories of Shetland, p. 76

Michelle's Waltz, p. 63

My First Waltz With You, p. 62

Nuit Blanche, La, p. 68

Owen's Waltz, p. 82

Pam's Waltz, p. 84

Paul and Anne's First Waltz, p. 75

Paul's Waltz, p. 87

Pleasant Valley Waltz, The, p. 84

Porcupine Hills Waltz, The, p. 85

Precious Moments, p. 83

Remembering Andy, p. 63

Rhythemaires Waltz, p. 65

Russ McDougal Waltz, p. 86

Rusty Spurs Waltz, p. 87

Sawitsky's Waltz, p. 90

Scottish Memoires Waltz, p. 61

Sherrly, April, Patti, p. 91

Summer Waltz, p. 93

Valse a Donald, La, p. 73

Valse a Ginette, La, p. 70

Valse a Ste Cecile, La, p. 67

Valse a Vivi, p. La, 71

Valse du Suroit, La, p. 69

Valse Gisele, La, p. 73

Valse Hommage a Yvon Cuillerier

Valse Leopold, p. La, 69

Valse Francis, p. 72

Valse Myrian, p. 70

Velvet and Lace, p. 93

Verna's Waltz, p. 95

Waltz for Howard and Joyce, p. 67

Waltz for Mom and Dad, p. 92

Waltz for Nobody, p. 94

Waltz for Parpie, A, p. 72

Waltz for Tara Lynne, A. p. 60

Waltzing in the Hay, p. 94

Weston Waltz, p. 78

You Tell Me, p. 77


Alambic, L', p. 148

Alphie's Reel, p, 143

Allyson's Reel, p.153

Amour et Amite, p. 151

Ancient Reel, p. 153

At the Kitchen Table, p. 166

Bell Grove Reel, p. 141

Brennan's Reel, p. 165

Cameron Chisholm's Reel, p. 135

Carl's Fiddle, p. 155

Carpenter's Reel, p. 143

Charlotte McVicar's Reel, p. 136

Clover Leaf Reel, p. 167

Coady Creek Reel, p. 151

Danielle's Reel, p. 165

Elzar's Reel, p. 163

Erin Kelly's Reel, p. 164

Fiddle Fingers, p. 160

Fiddle Party, p. 158

Fiddlefied, p. 159

Fred Fisher's Reel, p. l37

George Cammie Reel, p. 134

Gigue Pere Mathias, p. 144

Glace Bleue, La, p. 145

Highway 60, p. 164

Hi-Lo Reel, p. 158

Hogs in the 'Tater Patch, p. 163

Hommage a la Famille Billette, p. 146

Hommage a Louis Beaudoin, p. 146

Hunter's Reel, p. 141

Jack Thompson, p. 157

Joel's Reel, p. 161

Kai Whitcomb's Reel, p. 152

Kimberley's Reel, p. 135

Kim's Reel, p. 136

Lake City Reel, p. 139

Le Reel a Marie, p. 150

Les 9 Mois, p. 145

Marg and Janice's Reel, p. 144

Mattawa Reel, p. 155

McDuff Reel, p. 153

Monsieur Korolenko, p. 148

Mount Whatley Reel, p. 143

Muddy Icicles, p. 160

My Uncle's Fiddle, p. 164

Norman's Reel, p. 137

Northbrook Reel, p. 138

Off to Shetland, p. 139

Patti Kusturok's Reel, p. 161

Paul's Reel, p. 165

Rachel Hamilton's Reel, p. 155

Rainy Reel, p. 140

Reel Abel Larocque, p. 150

Reel Bergeville, p. 143

Reel Dare, A, p. 166

Reel d'Acadie, p. 140

Reel de la Petit Cote, 149

Reel des 9 Mois, 145

Reel du Batelier, p. 148

Reel du Love Shack, p. 150

Reel du Petit Chien, p. 152

Reel du 150e de St-Zotique, p. 149

Reel for Terri Lynn, A, p. 163

Reel Le P'tit Bonhomme, p. 147

Reel Pentatonique, p. 147

Reel St-Augustin, p. 145

Reel St-Joachim-de-Courval, p. 144

Reel St-Mathias, p. 146

Running River Reel, p. 158

Skip Holme's Reel, p. 135

South Shore Reel, p. 137

Stan Rogers Reel, p. 134

The Apprentice Reel, p. 156

The Cherry Creek Reel, p. 161

The Duchess Reel, p. 138

The Margaret Burnett Reel, p. 162

The Millwright's Daughter, p. 156

Timbertrain Tune, p. 154

Trent's Reel, p. 162

Twist of Fate, p. 162

Tyler's Tune, p. 138

Vince's Backwood's Reel, p. 141

Warwick Mountain, p. 134

Winding the Clock, p. 156

Y2K Reel, p. 167

Zach's First Steps, p. 142


Big River John, p. 34

Frankie's Two-Step, p. 35

Golden City Two-Step, p. 35

Johnny Hotner's Two-Step, p. 33

Long Sault Two-Step, p. 33

Miller's Cove Two-Step, p. 32

Queen City Two-Step, p. 34

Shirley's Two Step, p. 33

Stella's Two-Step, p. 34

Valerie Two-Step, p. 32

Valleyfield Two-Step, p. 32

Canadian Fiddle Music  

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